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MWh Customer Experience: Video 1

Dec 10

Take a look at how 3 energy buyers have used the MWh service. See how a coop, a secondary school and a large commercial building received returns on energy information services.   Music:

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Energy storage… current thinking 1

Dec 1

There is a great deal of buzz in the energy world about the potential for energy storage.  Venture capitalists are swarming, trying to find the right play; Elon Musk and Tesla have launched a residential storage technology they call Powerwall; pundits are writing about a utility “death spiral” if on-site generation and storage become widespread […]

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3 Graphs Essential for Transforming Energy Data into Intelligence 1

Oct 7

There are 3 graphs that we find absolutely vital for turning rows and rows of energy data into actionable energy intelligence. They are: 1. A budget forecast. Whenever you’re involved in a commodity business, you have to make sure your data are live and responsive to markets shifts. Energy managers and finance professionals find immediate […]

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Capacity: What you need to know now 1

Jul 10

Over the last 18 months, the dynamics of Northeast power and gas markets have changed in a few significant ways. First, as we’ve discussed before, prior to 2014 the Northeast was generally a Summer peaking region in terms of both demand and cost. (In other words, peak demand occurred in the Summer as did peak […]

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Energy Market Update: May 2015 Results 1

Jun 17

  We aren’t in the business of making predictions. But we are interested in reporting on what’s happening in energy markets, and then considering what that information may hold for customers. Since the Winter energy market spikes in January and February, markets have been relatively calm, as you can see from the NY Independent System […]

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Average prices: What they do not tell you. 1

Dec 23

Do average prices help customers forecast and evaluate their options properly? No. Here’s why. Consider the case of the statistician who drowns while fording a river that he calculates is, on average, three feet deep. If he were alive to tell the tale, he would expound on the “flaw of averages,” which states, simply, that […]

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Answering customer questions 1

Jul 22

Q: How does The Megawatt Hour compare to a consultant? This is a question that we have fielded from customers a number of times. The fact is that we are not a consultant, although we do provide back office support for procurement consultants. We have customers who are consultants—we work with consultants frequently. We support […]

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When a contract is not what it seems.. 1

May 19

Or.. another example of why honesty is the best policy in electricity contracts. This week we have 2 more real world examples of electricity contracts gone wrong. 1) When is a fully-variable rate contract not a fully-variable rate contract? Back in December 2013, a New York commercial real estate customer signed a contract that they thought […]

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Forward markets March 2014: New York 1

Mar 18

What do forward markets look like now? Given the high cost of forward and day ahead power prices for the Winter months, it can be difficult to make sense of markets—where are we and where are we going with energy markets? Here’s a look at recent forward curves which shows on-peak power prices in New […]

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Some Analysis of the Con Ed Tariff (Default) Rate… 1

Jan 14

..and How it Compares to a Market Index Price This post discusses recent analysis conducted by The Megawatt Hour that confronts the conventional wisdom that over a 12 month term Con Edison default tariffs will always cost about the same as a market index. First, some definitions. The Con Edison default rate is, essentially, a […]

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