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Market Dynamics: Gas 1

Jan 31

What is happening with natural gas? Where is the market compared to historical forward prices? How about historical spot prices? Customers have been asking for some context on where gas prices are compared to historical prices. Some context is always helpful.     The last 2 months were the the 2 lowest forward price months […]

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MWh Customer Experience: Video 1

Dec 10

Take a look at how 3 energy buyers have used the MWh service. See how a coop, a secondary school and a large commercial building received returns on energy information services.   Music:

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3 Graphs Essential for Transforming Energy Data into Intelligence 1

Oct 7

There are 3 graphs that we find absolutely vital for turning rows and rows of energy data into actionable energy intelligence. They are: 1. A budget forecast. Whenever you’re involved in a commodity business, you have to make sure your data are live and responsive to markets shifts. Energy managers and finance professionals find immediate […]

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All the energy cost management advice you’ll ever need… 1

Sep 29

On an index card…. Harold Pollack, a professor at the University of Chicago, believes that all the investment advice that anyone will ever need should fit on an index card. The thinking is that financial advice has been needlessly complicated, and that the basic principles should be easy to understand and straightforward. You can find […]

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Predictable, reliable, improved energy outcomes: Step 3 1

Jun 26

As we mentioned in our first two posts in this series, when we poll energy managers about their biggest concerns about energy, the responses are “controlling costs”, “managing out-of-control costs” or a general concern about “rising costs”. There is always a concern that energy costs are completely out of control, and are impossible to predict […]

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