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News: Colleges & Universities Select MWh to Manage Energy Costs 1

Feb 18

Cornell University, Daemen College and Roberts Wesleyan College have selected MWh to help streamline and standardize energy information. While each College has its own specific objective in selecting MWh’s energy management software, they have a common interest in bringing transparency and clarity to the management and purchase of electricity and gas. Energy cost and usage […]

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Energy cost management: Consistent, ongoing energy information = continuous results 1

Jan 19

In a recent post titled “All the Energy Cost Management Advice You’ll Ever Need”, we describe the importance of accessing data on an ongoing basis in order to deliver continuous results. What does that mean and what does it do for customers? How does it work now? Traditionally, commercial, industrial and institutional buyers were always […]

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Energy storage… current thinking 1

Dec 1

There is a great deal of buzz in the energy world about the potential for energy storage.  Venture capitalists are swarming, trying to find the right play; Elon Musk and Tesla have launched a residential storage technology they call Powerwall; pundits are writing about a utility “death spiral” if on-site generation and storage become widespread […]

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Utility of the future: Grid Neutrality 1

Nov 10

You are probably familiar with the concept of net neutrality. According to Wikipedia, it is: Net neutrality (also network neutrality, Internet neutrality, or net equality) is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of […]

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3 Graphs Essential for Transforming Energy Data into Intelligence 1

Oct 7

There are 3 graphs that we find absolutely vital for turning rows and rows of energy data into actionable energy intelligence. They are: 1. A budget forecast. Whenever you’re involved in a commodity business, you have to make sure your data are live and responsive to markets shifts. Energy managers and finance professionals find immediate […]

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Transforming data into energy intelligence 1

May 26

Take a look at The Megawatt Hour’s new video in which we talk about what is possible when utility data is easier to access. View it here.   Bottom line for businesses: There is no reason to fly blind. Quick, easy access to actionable insights delivers better business outcomes.

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3 Reasons Energy Cost Management Is Different from Procurement 1

Nov 18

  As we go about the business of bringing transparency to energy markets, we sometimes hear clients or suppliers or consultants refer to this work as “procurement” of electricity. We don’t use the word procurement here. Why? Every institution needs to procure materials– whether it’s paper, or other materials and supplies or even large pieces […]

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Repost from Greentech Media: Can One Project Redefine Power Delivery? 1

Jan 10

  Is it possible that there really IS such a thing as a Smart Grid? This article from Greentech Media describes a DOE demonstration project that employs a technology called transactive control to integrate various resources (demand and supply-side) to ensure reliable, cost-effective power delivery. Transactive control is described in the article in the following way: One […]

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Major Retail Energy News of 2012.. and What to Look Forward to in 2013 1

Jan 2

Here is a run down of the major energy stories of 2012– as we see them. We selected these stories because we believe they are the most relevant to commercial and industrial customers that buy energy in deregulated markets. We also provide you with some thoughts, not predictions, on what all this may mean to […]

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Re-Post From New Scientist: American Dream of Oil Independence on Horizon 1

Nov 13

As reported by Andy Coghlan in New Scientist article “American dream of oil independence on horizon”, a recent report from the International Energy Agency states that the US may achieve oil independence by… 2035. While it isn’t exactly around the corner, the fact that such a feat is in sight is remarkable. The article states […]

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