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Northeast/NY Energy Prices this Week 1

Jan 6

We have heard from partners and customers across NY state this week who are expressing concern about energy price volatility reported in the news. Let’s put this week’s energy price volatility in perspective. It is true that, as Bloomberg reported, power prices shot up over $1,000/MWh yesterday. Bloomberg also reported (and Crain’s re-printed) news of […]

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Parting Ways 1

Nov 16

Natural Gas and Electricity Are Parting Ways – Part 1 by Jim McDonnell Avalon Energy originally published on November 9, 2015 ·   In recent articles, Avalon Energy has explored the dramatic decline in natural gas prices over the past seven years.  See These Are Days To Remember and 10,000 Maniacs Were Right. In the US Mid-Atlantic, natural gas […]

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MWh Markets Report: Q1 2015 1

Apr 22

Market Highlights Summary Statistics Q1 2015: Best buying opportunity in past 18 months. Through Feb 2015: Avg year to date monthly day ahead cost= $87.60/MWh Q1 2014: Avg monthly day ahead cost =$142.40/MWh Through Q1 2015, MWh clients who consistently purchase during identified buying opportunities have paid an average of 18% less than they would have paid for […]

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MWh Announces Release of New Software Capabilities 1

Feb 18

Major software release lowers energy operating cost, enhances energy information flow, improves budgeting, forecasting Automates budgeting, reporting, tracking & bench-marking February 19, 2015, NEW YORK, NY – The Megawatt Hour, Inc. announced a major new software release that will continue to lower businesses’ cost to manage and administer utility information and energy costs. The release […]

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How to Benefit from Energy Market Movements 1

Jan 22

There is a simple, straight forward process for lowering energy costs starting right now. It hasn’t been accessible to customers or consultants in the past. It is now. We reviewed that process and a powerful tool to deliver on that process during our Webinar titled 3 Steps to Savings: How to Take Advantage of Falling […]

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Webinar – 3 Steps to Big Savings: How to Take Advantage of Power Market Declines 1

Jan 14

3 Steps to Savings: How To Take Advantage of Power Market Declines Location: GoToWebinar Register:Here Description: Energy markets have declined more than 20% in the last 8 weeks. Your best opportunity to lower operating costs is right now. Learn how to turn something as volatile (and mundane) as energy costs into a source of predictable, […]

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Market Alert! What does this mean to you? 1

Jan 6

How have power markets moved over the past 8 weeks? We have seen a 20% decline in wholesale power markets since November 4. You can see the precipitous and dramatic decline in the following graph from The Megawatt Hour’s platform.     What does this market drop mean to you? Sometimes customers feel as paralyzed […]

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Guest Post: Avalon Energy Services – “Are Crude Oil and Natural Gas Reconciling?” 1

Dec 11

Our friends at Avalon Energy Services wrote a thoughtful piece this week on the implications of recent crude oil declines. Please take a look at their thoughtful piece. Jim McDonnell explores whether the declines in crude oil and natural gas prices might signal a convergence of the cost of the two fuels. As Jim writes: […]

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Winter 2015 Energy Outlook – FERC 1

Oct 22

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has released its Winter 2014-15 Energy Market Assessment. Most years it would not be a newsworthy event, but given the high prices experienced throughout the Northeast last Winter.. this update is highly topical. The report is worth reviewing, but we will summarize it here. Weather forecasts are not certain— there are […]

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Market volatility: New York Power Markets 1

Oct 15

Today a Bloomberg article titled “Eastern U.S. Power Gains as Warm Weather Drives Use” explained the real time/day ahead price spikes experienced in the Northeast and New England today. Thanks to unseasonably warm temperatures, New England and New York are seeing what will likely be temporary real time price spikes. As the article explains: Power […]

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