What We Do

The Megawatt Hour platform is designed for finance professionals, energy and facilities managers and consultants seeking better energy outcomes. It is built to provide easy, accessible desktop solutions for professionals who want to lower energy costs, manage energy expenses and information quickly, easily and with better results. The MWh is the only solution that provides businesses, colleges, universities and hospitals with real savings, for the first time since deregulation began.

The Megawatt Hour was founded and is run by 15+ year veterans of the electricity supply industry. The Founders, Deirdre Lord and Bob Bright, were instrumental in building the nation’s largest retail electricity business and have founded and run 2 retail supply businesses. We have particular expertise in de-coding the black box that is energy markets.

Hear our Founders talk about why they started The Megawatt Hour.

  • Our Team

    • Deirdre Lord

      Deirdre is a Co-Founder of The Megawatt Hour along with
      Bob. Prior to starting The Megawatt Hour, Deirdre was a
      Co-Founder of Juice Energy and was on the management team
      at Constellation NewEnergy. NewEnergy provided Deirdre
      with a range of experiences in deregulated markets, from
      calculating invoices in spreadsheets (during the early
      days) to managing the P&L of multi-million dollar markets.
      Deirdre has been involved in energy markets and renewable
      energy issues since she graduated from college in 1990. Read more
      about Deirdre and The Megawatt Hour in The New York Times’
      She Owns It
      business group profile.

      Deirdre has a BA in English and Environmental Studies from
      the University of Vermont, and MA in Energy and
      Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware.
      Deirdre lives in New York City with her family. In
      addition to being an entrepreneur, Deirdre likes to garden,
      run, fish, or spend time with her family.


    • Robert Bright

      Bob is a Co-Founder of The Megawatt Hour. Bob and Deirdre,
      the two Co-Founders of the Company, have worked together in
      the retail electricity business since 1998. Bob has
      experience with all aspects of energy markets, and is as
      familiar with rate and tariff analysis as he is with energy
      and power markets. Prior to starting The Megawatt Hour,
      Bob was the Senior Analyst at Juice Energy and at
      Constellation NewEnergy. Bob has a Bachelors and Masters
      degree in Mechanical Engineering from Duke and U.Mich. Bob
      lives with his wife, Carolyn, on Long Island New York; they
      have two children. When he is not working, Bob
      enjoys pedaling bicycles and kayaks around.

    • James Gray

      James is the lead developer for The Megawatt Hour. He
      joined the company in June 2010 as an intern. James is
      responsible for all aspects of code and development, and
      enjoys learning about and deploying technology to improve
      energy markets. James has a joint degree in mathematics
      and Japanese from the University of Colorado. When he has
      free time, James likes to take courses in artificial
      intelligence, ride his bike through the streets of New
      York, brew beer with friends, and/or play or listen to
      music around New York City.

    • Alex Kouznetsov

      Alex provides technical advice and ongoing development
      guidance to The Megawatt Hour. Alex is an open-source
      software developer. He has developed a number of social
      network analysis tools for the industry, from large-scale
      data collection to online analysis and presentation tools.
      In September, 2011 Alex co-authored a book about social
      media for O’Reilly titled Social Network Analysis for


    • Vince Carrozzi

      Vince Carrozzi is a Senior Advisor and Advisory Board Member at The Megawatt Hour. Mr. Carrozzi provides the strategic and tactical sales oversight for software and services sales, lead generation and marketing strategy.

      Mr. Carrozzi also holds a position as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Warshaw Group, which is a mobile enterprise software development firm. Prior to his current position, Mr. Carrozzi spent nine years as co-founder and Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales at AssetPoint, an Enterprise Asset Management software company. At AssetPoint, Mr. Carrozzi developed and implemented sales and marketing programs that led to double digit growth for the company. Mr. Carrozzi has also held sales leadership positions at Fluor Corporation and MRO Software.


    • Eric Hayduk

      Eric is a Member of The Megawatt Hour’s Advisory Board. Eric provides strategic and tactical advice on product development for The Megawatt Hour. Eric is Director of Product Management at iLevel Solutions, where he is responsible for product roadmap for leading portfolio monitoring and analytics software being used by eight of the top 20 Private Equity firms on the PEI top 20. Prior to iLevel Solutions, Eric was Director of Operations at Juice Energy. Eric has an MBA in Finance from Babson College and a degree in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh.