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Oct 27

Transforming energy data into energy intelligence

There are 3 graphs that are vital for effective energy cost management. These 3 graphs alone have consistently delivered lower unit costs, identified billing errors, and improved countless energy cost outcomes for energy and finance decision makers. Without the right energy intelligence, it is impossible to ensure the best cost results. Learn about the 3 graphs essential for managing costs..

All the energy cost management advice you’ll ever need…

All you need to know is available on an index card.
A professor at the University of Chicago distilled all financial and investing advice into a list that fits on an index card.

Messages surrounding energy cost management have also been needlessly complicated. You have everything you need to make good decisions for your business. Here is all the energy cost management advice you’ll ever need, on an index card.


Raise your hand if you never use Excel! Yes, we thought so. offers this incredibly handy infographic that provides you with 7 essential Excel tricks every office worker needs to know. A poll of MWh staff reveals the PivotTable and VLookup as 2 favorites. Share this info with your colleagues, they will thank you for it.

Energy News

The energy resource mix is evolving in the US. Learn more about the cost competitiveness of renewable energy in this BloombergBusiness article.

“It’s impossible to brush aside renewables in the U.S. in the same way it might have been just a few years ago.”

— BloombergBusiness

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