“Expertise, integrity, return on investment” MWh Customer Story

Jun 4

MWh Customer Stories: Hayden on Hudson

The Board of a large NYC condo gets insight into energy costs, verifies strategies. Interview with George Patsalos, Treasurer of Hayden on Hudson.

Before MWh

Before we worked with The Megawatt Hour, we signed a contract with a supplier that had promised that we would save money on electricity supply. But we couldn’t verify the savings. I got to know the MWh and we decided we needed to know whether we really were getting savings.  So, before we started with the MWh, we had to trust what people told us. We had no data or information to support their assertions.

What tactics did you try before you started using MWh? What were the results?

We used a broker, did research on our own, and then signed a contract with a supplier.  Prior to that process, we had been purchasing electricity supply from Con Edison.

Experience Using The Megawatt Hour…

Why did you decide to try MWh?

I couldn’t believe it– we could actually see, visually, in MWh software that we, in fact, weren’t saving money– we were paying more than what we would have paid the utility.

What are the top 3 features you love about MWh? Why do you love them?

MWh expertise and knowledge; ability to verify costs and expectations; superior customer service.

Your Results With MWh

What specific problems has MWh addressed that other Condo Boards might be able to relate to?

We verified that we were paying too much, we moved to a better product with another supplier. MWh is always available and helps support our decision making processes.

Did you experience any direct “big win” business results for your company because of the MWh?

With the help of The Megawatt Hour, we are working on recovering the costs that we overpaid to our original supplier; we’ve kept our costs low. Thanks to The Megawatt Hour insights, we opted to switch to an hourly meter (at our option) because we believed that we would benefit from a more granular pricing approach.

We’ve seen the financial benefits of reducing our on-peak usage by changing our building operation slightly. The program is extremely cost-effective. The ROI on the MWh program has been exceptionally high.

What are the most compelling reasons to work with MWh?

Expertise, integrity and return on investment.


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